Your Year-by-Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Guide

A wedding anniversary is one of those life milestones that deserve an all out celebration. And what better way to celebrate than showering your love one with gifts galore. We at Treed believe gifts don’t need to be extravagant just heartfelt and occasion appropriate. A quality bottle of wine that they can toast many evenings together with or a pair of monogrammed wooden watches will be just as treasured as expensive jewellery or lavish bone china. With that in mind, read on for our guide on the best anniversary gifts for all years.

Fancy Wine Set

A first wedding anniversary is the most special and deserves something extra fancy. We believe a great first anniversary gift is something both couples can enjoy. Whether you are gifting something to your partner or deciding a gift for your friends’ anniversary, alcohol is something that always works well as a couple’s gift. Gift your favorite couple a fancy bottle of their favorite wine. And if you are feeling extra generous, add in a pair of quality wine glasses and a monogrammed wine opener. And it doesn’t have to be wine particularly. Have a couple that likes to wind down with some cold beer? Gift a crate of their favorite beer. Cocktail aficionados in your midst? Consider giving a gift pack filled with their favorite mixers, hard liquor and juices.

Your Year-by-Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Guide - Treed Stories

Engraved Watches for Him & Her

Everyone loves a little personalization in their life. And a wedding anniversary is the perfect occasion to gift something custom. Engraved watches made of natural materials make perfect keepsakes for life. When it comes to engravings, think out of the box. Initials are a pretty common engraving for a couple’s gift. But some other unique ideas can be engraving watches with the date of their wedding, a romantic couple’s quote or even an inside joke. Watches are also a pretty timeless gift. Watches made of wood and stone in particular look great with all outfits and across ages.

Your Year-by-Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Guide - Treed Stories

Monogrammed Jewellery

Like we said, gifting doesn’t need to be lavish to be considered special. However, some wedding anniversaries deserve a little extra something. Thinking of gifting something to your favorite couple on their 25th or 50 wedding anniversary? Go big with monogrammed jewellery maybe rings with their names inscribed or the date of their wedding. Monogrammed jewellery is also a great gift for younger couples and you can always choose semi precious jewellery if don’t want to spend as much. Or buy small jewellery like a cufflink, dainty brooch or delicate bracelet charm.

Your Year-by-Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Guide - Treed Stories

Gift an Experience

When it comes to wedding anniversary gifts, most people immediately think of physical items. But physical items can be tricky to buy if it’s a couple you don’t know that well or a particularly finicky spouse. In those cases, gifting an experience is the safe and even exciting way to go. And the great thing about gifting experiences is that there is something for every budget. Older couples especially are likely to appreciate an experience gift over objects they already own in plenty. A booking in the couple’s name to their favorite restaurant for a three course meal is going to get you major brownie points. A voucher to a local spa will be greatly appreciated by the workaholic couple in your gift list. Other options include a cooking class-at home or in person, tickets to a concert or long awaited sporting event, an escape room evening complete with a small gift bag of goodies. The possibilities are endless. Be creative and as always keep the giftee in mind.


A camera might seem like an average gift. But trust us, your travel loving couple will appreciate the thought behind an expensive high tech camera to capture all their memories with. And again there are ways to budget for every kind of spender. Can’t afford an expensive DSLR, maybe gift a fun Polaroid instant camera or even an antique camera you pick up thrift shopping. Cameras also make as great décor elements. So if an actual techy gadget is out of your reach, consider giving a stylish decorative tripod and camera combination. The gift will remind them of their travels and will also work great as a conversation piece.

Elegant Crockery

The great thing about gifting crockery is that it is going to be appreciated by all age groups. Older couples who throw frequent dinner parties will appreciate the practicality of another beautiful set to add to their collection. And a pretty piece of bone china or wine glasses will also appeal to a younger couple newly setting up their home. And again, there are a variety of options to suit all budgets. Gifting to coffee connoisseurs? A set of classic cups and saucers are likely to be treasured for life. And if you want to be a little funky and personal, why not gift a collection of cups with their favorite TV shows, inside jokes, travel destination or comics printed on them. A collection of bar items also make for great gifts that won’t break the bank.