The 2022 Guide to the best Wedding Gifts that Ever Couple will love

Tired of giving boring old crockery or cash to your newly wedded friends? We can relate. Wedding season is a lot of fun but can bring challenges when it comes what to buy. And if it’s a close friend that you are gifting to, it’s even harder. Here, we have a list of 10 super unique ideas for wedding gifts that all couples will appreciate. You can find gift ideas for colleagues, family and close friends.

The 2022 Guide to the best Wedding Gifts that Ever Couple will love | Treed Stories

Best Friends Wedding Gifts

When it comes to buying wedding gifts for close friends, you definitely need to think out of the box and personalization is key. When you’ve known someone forever, a gift of cash or gold coins will surely not be appreciated. But how about something custom? We think customized gifts are the answer when it comes to wedding gifts for close friends. But we’ve got some other ideas too. Read on.

Priceless Art

Ok when we say priceless, we don’t mean expensive. All we mean is art that is meaningful. Chances are the newly wedded couple will be settling down in a shared home for the first time. And what better way to personalize a space than beautiful art. Consider giving art that resonates for the particular couple. Maybe a painting of their favorite holiday destination, custom portrait of their pet dog or rendition of their favorite artist. And it doesn’t even have to be a painting. Why not, gift quality photo prints or framed posters from the couple’s favorite band or film. The possibilities are endless.

Wow Pieces for the Kitchen

Leave the crockery gifts for strangers. As a friend, it’s your duty to give something truly outstanding. Food is an indispensable part of any couple’s life. And if your friends are foodies, even more so. Depending on your friend’s specific tastes, some ideas for wedding gifts could be a French press for coffee aficionados, pasta maker for elite cooks who like to make everything from scratch, ice cream maker for experimenting fun combinations in the kitchen, a baking kit for new hobbyists and the list goes on.

Gift Experiences

Most people think of physical items when it comes to wedding gifts. But as a friend, you know better. Consider giving your besties and the newly wed couple an experience they will never forget. Book a spa session for two so the couple can unwind in ease after a tiring wedding festivities, buy tickets for their favorite concert, book a dinner at an expensive restaurant for foodie friends, the possibilities are endless. Remember to think of experiences that the couple would be unlikely to splurge on for themselves.

 Treed Personalized Timepieces

Personalized Timepieces

Everyone loves a good watch. But you can always go one step further and buy a complementary watch for the newlywed couples that is engraved with their names and wedding date. Sounds perfect right? A personalized engraved watch works as an excellent keepsake as well. Your friends will appreciate the thought behind a customized gift and bonus a watch is something that is timeless.

Gifts for Colleagues

Buying gifts for co-workers is the hardest. On the one hand you wouldn’t want to spend too much on the gift but on the other when it comes to people you see everyday at work, your reputation is at stake and you can’t afford to be stingy. The gift must be tasteful and not too person. Sounds confusing. Read on to get inspired by our timeless ideas for wedding gifts for co-workers.

Gift Hamper

When in doubt, a gift hamper is one of those super useful gifts that always comes in handy. Compile a hamper with food and drink items (avoid alcohol if you’re not sure the couple drinks), add a nice note and some pretty flowers and you’re done.

Gift Cards

If you’re looking for gifts in a pinch and don’t want to spend too much time coming up with a gift option, a gift card is the perfect answer. Choose a gift card from a popular mall or department store that is well known and generally loved by most people and let the couple choose what to buy themselves. A gift card is better than giving cold hard cash but takes the guesswork out of buying gifts for people you don’t know too well.

Gifts for Family/ Relatives

When gifting for family members, being tasteful and somewhat conservative will go a long way. After all, you can’t always know your relatively very well. But you still have obligations and gifts to give. Gifts that carry some symbolism will work great here or basics that every couple needs to start their new home.

Gold Idols

A marriage is a magical and symbolic occasion. A gift of gold idols will be the perfect and auspicious gift to give a newly wed couple. And it doesn’t have to be gold necessarily. Tasteful idols in any metal or even stone will work just as well. Even if the couple isn’t religious, they are sure to be touched by the gesture and thought behind the gift. You can even inscribe idols with the couple’s names and wedding dates.


When we say jewellery, we don’t mean elaborate necklaces or earrings. It’s difficult to buy super personal gifts without knowing the specific tastes of the bride and groom. However, a symbolic delicate gold chain, bracelet or brooch will act as an excellent keepsake.

Electronic Items

Electronics are a safe purchase when you are gifting to people whose tastes you don’t know too well. A wall clock, portable speaker, camera, coffee makers, air purifier/humidifier are some gifts that will always be appreciated. And some of these won’t even break the bank. Kind of perfect.