Watches for the intrepid Traveler | Stylish Watches for every occasion

At Treed, we firmly believe that everyday can be an adventure. The day you decide your life is going to be exciting, it will be. All you need is yourself. But for those of you sailing off into unchartered territory, travelling to places close and far and exploring terrains rough and wild, a great watch can help keep you stylish and on time.
Our exquisitely detailed wooden watches carry the stamp of the person who crafted them. They are truly one of a kind, hardy and elegant at the same time. And for the ultra adventurous, techie types, we have our special range of water proof, smart watches that come fully equipped with steps, calories and sleep trackers. Read on for our recommendations for the perfect watch for every kind of trip. From luxury vacations to backpacking adventures, we have a timepiece that fits the bill.

Watches for the intrepid Traveler | Stylish Watches by Treed for every occasion

For a Glamping Trip

Going on that much needed camping trip? Need a simple accessory that works great from day to night? Something that is a little special but not over the top? We’ve got the perfect option for you in our Treed Signature watch. Handcrafted from black sandalwood, the Signature is a true chronograph with major masculine style. The sleek yet hardy finish of this iconic timepiece goes great with hiking or sporting gear and will complement outdoor clothing equally well. The Treed Signature is perfect for the understated gentleman who likes his accessories to blend seamlessly.

Watches for the intrepid Traveler | Stylish Watches by Treed for every occasion

For a Sporty Trip

The Treed Aviate smartwatch is perfect for sporty gentlemen who love flashy accessories and gramming their purchases. With a cool metal body and a variety of bright color options that shine during day or night, this watch is perfect for a adventures in the sun, sand or water. Light weight and durable, the Treed Aviate can easily handle the worst wear and tear. Take it along on a hiking trip with the best buds-with 10 full days of battery life, the hardy Aviate will last you the whole trip and more.

Watches for the intrepid Traveler | Stylish Watches by Treed for every occasion

For a Luxury Trip

The Treed Fern is a great summer watch. The elegant timepiece will perfectly complement flowy summer dresses and pair well on an extravagant trip. Inspired by the simple lines of midcentury modern design, this delicate timepiece is great for the lady who lunches. Made from all natural olive wood, the watch is discreet, modest and refined. Wear it at a poolside summer soiree, polo matches or wedding weekends.

Watches for the intrepid Traveler | Stylish Watches by Treed for every occasion

For a Wine Weekend

Planning a wine weekend with your best buds or all girls group? Pack our Treed Terra watch to complement your vineyard outfits. A great watch for the woman with a bold sense of style and who loves standing out from the crowd. The naturally rich purple color of the Treed Terra timepiece comes from the all natural purpleheart wood that is used to craft it. Pairs well with ballet flats, summer skirts and wide brimmed hats. This is an evergreen watch that will never go out of style. Perfect for the women who is above trends and has a classic, timeless style.

Watches for the intrepid Traveler | Stylish Watches by Treed for every occasion

For the Culture Tour

Every traveler is different. Some of us like being one with nature. While others like to explore the best that culture has to offer. Whether it is museum hopping or art gallery tours, the sophisticated traveler needs an equally urbane watch to match his/her outfits. The Treed Original watch for men and Treed Lana for women are the perfect options for culture vultures. Pair them with your best suit or evening dress and you are sure to be noticed as a person of significance. Keeping with Treed’s theme of classic, unobtrusive design, the Treed Original and Treed Lana watch are both the best in minimalist chic.


At Treed we firmly believe that what we wear and carry tells as much of a story as what we say. Make sure you clothes tell a story of elegance and refinement with our timeless timepieces. Our philosophy at Treed is to create products with classic design, modern touches and a deep respect for the past. We offer exquisite, luxury detailing at relatively modest prices.

Treed also believes in giving back to the world we live in. Our handcrafted watches feature sustainable, reclaimed, and repurposed materials. We believe quality and craftsmanship matter. Treed timepieces are made for time well spent. With our partnership with One Tree Planted, every purchase of our stylish wooden watches will contribute to one tree planted. This is just our small bit to contribute to global reforestation. Our exquisite watches are sourced from these very woods. And with every watch, you will be carrying a piece of the glorious forests with you.