Tired of mindless consumerism? Want your next purchase to matter? Treed Watches has the answer.

Treed leads the way to responsible consumerism with a line of sustainable watches and accessories.  An eco friendly brand dedicated to design and innovation, Treed is on a mission to transform the Indian timepiece industry through its one-of-a-kind nature centric designs and bespoke engraving service. Treed offers engraving service for all of its wooden watches with the service also extended to the packaging. Whether it’s a special message for your loved one or initials for a gift to yourself, Treed can do it all.

The brand has a classic and minimalist design ethos with the natural beauty of the stones and wood materials taking center stage. Each Treed product is crafted from all natural materials giving every timepiece a unique look. Every watch purchased from Treed is made distinctive by the wood grain and no single model looks the same. Unlike mass produced brands that have an assembly line look to their products, with a Treed watch, you can be assured of owning something truly exclusive.

Treed watches are available in a variety of woods with plans for expansion into more ranges. Currently, the wooden watches are created from Zebrawood, Purpleheart wood, Olive wood, walnut and black sandalwood. Other natural materials in the watch finishes include striking black marble and eye catching brass. Treed’s aim is to build a balanced environmental footprint by incorporating a combination of sustainable, reclaimed and repurposed materials in its offerings. The materials are sourced from locations worldwide with each wood a symbol of the natural wealth of the region. From Zebrawood, indigenous to West Africa and black sandalwood native to the East to Wenge wood from the tropics and Purpleheart wood from the Solomon Islands, a Treed watch brings the wearer on a journey around the globe.  All Treed watches also use high quality movements from Citizen Miyota and Seiko creating a perfect blend of style and functionality.

The brand’s focus on change is not just directed towards design but is also evident in its commitment to environment conservation. Under its partnership with One Tree Planted, every watch purchased from Treed will guarantee one tree planted. It is Treed’s vision to aid in global reforestation and align itself with values for a greener, kinder earth. One Tree Planted works with local communities in four regions worldwide in tree plantation efforts. And Treed is a proud contributor to this mission.

A Treed customer is someone who is looking to make a difference with his purchase, a connoisseur of luxury and an appreciator of exquisite detailing. In the age of fast fashion, mindless buying and deals galore, Treed offers a holistic alternative. The brand believes that its consumers are collaborators in its mission for a greener world and that fashion with purpose is the answer. A long lasting, classic Treed timepiece is created for generations to come and the  Treed promise of #like no other speaks for itself. Join Treed in redefining the industry and ending the cycle of toxic consumption.