Top reasons why woodwork gifts are the most personal

Ever wondered what makes a gift one of a kind? No, it is not the money spent on it! Nor the relationship of the giver with the taker decides the value of the gift. In fact, a personalized gift is the most special form of present you can gift someone. If you are looking for out-of-the-box gift ideas, then woodwork personalized gifts are the best pick for you. Here are the five top reasons why choosing an engraved gift is a smart option for you.

Top reasons why woodwork gifts are the most personal - Treed Stories

1. Woodwork Gifts are Great Keepsakes

Memories tend to fade with the passage of time, but wood is a durable material that will last for years. It will make the receiver remind of you from time to time. Wooden watches make perfect gifts, and they can be personalized as per the style, age, or gender of the receiver. They are wonderful keepsakes to cherish beautiful memories one has with the giver, and the receiver will think of you while looking at time each single day. Treed wooden watches come with custom engravings so that you can make your loved ones feel special!

Top reasons why woodwork gifts are the most personal - Treed Stories

2. Personalize Woodwork Gifts with Engravings

The best part about woodwork gifts is that you can inscribe lovely images, heartfelt quotes, messages, or special dates on the wooden products. How amazing it is to get the memories etched in the most natural form and making the events memorable for the time to come. This year, the best gift for sisters on Rakshabandhan can be none other than a Treed Terra watch. You can have your sister's name engraved on the watch. Sisters too can gift their brothers a Treed Original or Treed Classic to make this Rakhi a memorable event for both of you.

Top reasons why woodwork gifts are the most personal - Treed Stories

3. Woodwork Gifts Last for Centuries

Woodwork gifts make the best choice for giving a personal present as wood is a durable material. The gift can be kept preserved and can even be relished by future generations, like a family custom. How amazing it will be for a grandfather to see his grandson wear a personalized Treed Signature that was gifted to him by someone decades ago! Wood gifts do not break easily. They are resilient to harsh environmental conditions. They are not brittle and there is no risk of clumsy handling. Minor wear-and-tear does not have much effect on the quality of wooden pieces. Wooden material is dent proof too and you do not need to worry about the storage or packaging.

Top reasons why woodwork gifts are the most personal - Treed Stories

4. Woodwork Gifts are Traditional

Wood is an essential part of human life and in many cultures, wood is considered as holding magical powers that can ward off negative energy. Gifting someone an artifact made of wood is considered auspicious as wood represents solidarity and strength in a person's life or relationship. Wood represents a bond that cannot be broken apart. Treed wood watches make ideal personal gifts for your special someone. A woodwork gift will symbolize your genuine thought that went into buying the gift. It will represent your concern for the relationship. It will mean you want to make your bond with your friends and family as lasting as a wooden artifact!

5. Woodwork Gifts Adorn Every Celebration

Wood is a material that is subtle and classic at the same time. So, you can choose a wooden personalized gift for any occasion whether it is your brother's birthday party, Rakhi festival, parents' anniversary, or Diwali celebration. Treed wooden watches make perfect picks for your corporate business clients. Moreover, woodwork gifts are rare choices in itself. Usually people gift glass showpieces that break easily, or metal pieces that are too heavy to carry. Woodwork gifts are lightweight and sturdy at the same time. They will be with the receiver for a very long time. You can get the name of the event or the receiver engraved on the gift to give it a personal touch and make the receiver appreciate you even more!

So, woodwork gifts are the best options if you are looking for personalized gift items for a special event or person. Treed is the right place for you to choose from assorted pieces of natural watches made of quality wood material such as black sandalwood, walnut, zebrawood, and purpleheart. Each kind of wood gives a distinctive color and texture to the gift.

Go ahead and awe your special someone with a personalized woodwork gift from Treed and make memories not just for a lifetime, but beyond!