These Diwali gifting ideas are worth your consideration

The second Diwali of the pandemic is here and it’s time to brighten up the lives of your loved ones by sending them the perfect Diwali gifts. A gift not only shows the kind of emotion the gift-giver has for the receiver, but also reveals the intent, thinking, and character, of the giver themselves.

There are three basic types of gift-givers:

  • The first kind is the person who feels that the only real gift to give - big or small, simple or elaborate - is the expensive kind.
  • The second is the kind of person that gives moderately priced, practical gifts.
  • The third type consists of people who are known in their friend circle as the ones that go all out when it comes to giving gifts. These are the type that do not care much about the price of the gift. This is not because they have large amounts of money to spare, but because they genuinely believe the gift they give will be priceless. The gifts in this category tend to be more personalised and thoughtful.

The type of gift-giver you are also signifies the kind of gifts you like to receive. For example, if you give thoughtful, unique, and personalised gifts, you most definitely like to receive gifts that have some message behind them.

This Diwali, consider some gifting ideas that will not only put a smile on your loved one's face but also warm their heart and make them think. A thoughtful gift, especially in the time of Covid-19, is much better than ordering something mindlessly. It's become more easier now than ever to order gifts and products online. But instead of sending something arbitrary, just for the sake of it, try to really show someone how much they mean to you.

These Diwali gifting ideas are worth your consideration - Treed Stories

Consider these gifting ideas this Diwali:

  • Dry fruits, sweets, and edible items
A lot of us have learned how to cook or have polished our culinary skills during the pandemic. Why not put it to use this Diwali? Prepare some traditional Diwali snacks at home – chakri, ladoo, karanjee, chevda – or even something not as conventional. Who says a five-tiered all-vegan chocolate cake you took a week to perfect, cannot make for a good Diwali gift? You can go the healthy route too, by sending dry fruits and nutritional snacks to your friends and family. Edible items are consumed almost instantly. This way, you do not have to worry about your gift simply lying around without being used.
These Diwali gifting ideas are worth your consideration - Treed Stories
  • Lamps, diyas, and lanterns

Diwali is the festival of lights. Gifting some form of lights makes for the perfect Diwali gift. A driftwood lampshade candle, different coloured fairy lights, candle holders and diffusers, personalised LED lamps and moon lamps, are thoughtful as well as useful. If you want to support local vendors, make sure to buy hand-made diyas made from clay from the street shops below your house. Additionally, these diyas are biodegradable and reusable so they do not harm the environment either.

  • Plants
Possibly one of the best gifts to give and receive, plants make for versatile items that can be used to celebrate not just festivals, but also life itself. Tiny saplings to potted bamboos, plants add instant beauty and freshness to any room. They are, of course, also environmentally friendly and cost-effective. Macrame plant holders are also a good idea since they support rural artisans. Give something your friend can care for, and be assured they will be taken care of in return.
  • Personal Care Items

The pandemic has caused us all to be holed up in our homes. The fact that we don’t go out as much does not have to mean that we forget about self grooming. Gifting skin and hair care products, make-up, or better yet, a spa and nourishment hamper for your loved ones, makes for a wonderful gifting idea.

These Diwali gifting ideas are worth your consideration - Treed Stories

  • Clocks and Watches

Staying and working from home has caused a lot of us to be less mindful of time. Why allow the pandemic to blur our days? Mark the occasion by gifting beautiful and unique clocks, timepieces, and watches to your friends and family. These are easy to personalise and make exclusive. Treed wooden watches can include engraved personalised messages for him and her. They make for great natural gifts that are sustainable and meaningful at the same time. Check out Treed Signature, Treed Fern, Treed Lana and other wooden watches.

Brighten up this year’s Diwali by reminding yourselves and your loved ones that light will always triumph over darkness and the time to live, is now.