Fun facts you didn’t know about the Purpleheart tree

Colour Drama

  • The tree has a very interesting character. As soon as you axe the light brown wood of this tree, it turns purple. This colour gets enhanced with time and in the span of a few weeks, its almost as purple as an eggplant. Its obviously not difficult to predict that the name comes from this attribute. And the story doesn't end there.
  • Such is the chemical sensitivity of the wood, that when exposed to ultraviolet light, its brown shades darken and faint purple stripes become visible. Quite a colorful tree, we must say. Did you think about colour changing wooden watches? Ah! We did too. We, at Treed are passionate about all things wood and watches.
  • The colour of the wood not only varies on exposure to conditions or processing, but the plant is blessed with a very wide biological pool of primary wood shades. They range from pale pink to brownish grey. It has about 20 different sister species - the morphological differences ranging between subtle to striking.

Fun facts you didn’t know about the Purpleheart tree | Treed Stories


  • The tree wood is multifarious - cabinets, flooring and musical instruments can be made from it. And natural watches, of course.
  • The process that goes into the making of something that possesses unmatched value is laborious. Intense precision and accuracy are imperative. The making of a diamond ring or for that matter, a Treed Terra watch is a delicate and rewarding affair.
  • The raw material, in our case, the Purple Heart wood is notorious for its unwillingness to be carved. It has grains interlocked within its material are very tough to distinguish. As a result, wood artists have a trying time chiselling and tooling around it. You need a very sharp instrument and able expertise to craft with Purple Heart woods. But, makers at Treed wood watches are dedicated towards making wondrous things. After all, a watch is not an accessory, it is a statement.


  • It has a rating of 1860 on the Density rating scale which implies that its pretty dense. 1 board foot costs anywhere between fourteen and fifteen dollars. Costly, yes.
  • The tree species finds its place among the most stable, sustainable and long-lasting flora species on earth. Its strong and sturdy to the extent that it can withstand the worst of climates. No fungus makes home on it. No insect will ever set foot upon it. Nor water erode it. Boat makers prefer it as a panelling wood on water transport.
  • It rules in the Amazons. Purplewood has migrated and successfully established itself in diverse ecosystems, mainly on account of its imperishable qualities.

Environmental significance

  • So high is its demand, that many restrictions have now been imposed on felling them to preserve ecological diversity. And that is why, we selected it as stock for making wood carved watches. Imagine the gifting value it entails to the product by incorporating every facet of its fascinating built and property into it. What better gift than a natural watch made of Purple Heart!
  • The wood of the tree is harvested from forests that now feature in the endangered archives. Consequently, a lot of conscious environmentalism is present around the growth and use of this tree.

Morphogenetic and biochemical facts

  • Its flowers are white coloured. They are small and aromatic blossoms present in a panicle inflorescence. Five spiked petals converge to form a semi - tubular arrangement with yellow stamens. They are compounded to form loose clusters. The fruit is a brown single seeded pod.
  • Most purple woods are odourless. This is a contributing factor to its desirability. Pungent smelling woods are not too popular among customers. However, some of them do have a faint odour.
  • Sanding them produces dust that can cause irritation in the eyes, nose and respiratory tract. This is due to the presence of a bio compound.
  • It originated in Central and South America. Its also called by the name of "Amaranth".
  • The tree can be as tall as 50 meters.

Other trivia

  • The wood of the Purple Heart tree is the fourth most expensive wood in the world. If you are planning to purchase an intricate and personalized gift for a woman you love or admire - the Treed Terra might be exactly what you are looking for.
  • This plant has spiritual significance. Its believed to accentuate creativity and cause healing. The Pagans regard it as a symbol of knowledge. It wards off negativity and evil. It inspires feelings of happiness, calm, mysticism and positivity. Considering this, we could say that it is an auspicious choice for a present.