Fun COVID Safe Monsoon Activities for the Whole Family

Monsoon is in full swing. And while Covid may have made travel an impossibility, you can still enjoy the beauty of the rains, right from home. Read on for our top covid safe monsoon ideas. Whether you are single, married or with kids, you will find some ideas from our list to match your needs.

For Kids

Adopt a Pet: Whether you are a new parent, one with tweens or a parent of teens, you might have heard the demands for a pet ever so often. Busy working parents often struggle to manage childcare and work so adding a pet into the household becomes a difficult prospect. This monsoon while safely socially distancing at home, get a pet to teach your kids responsibility. Make a deal with your tot that they will manage pet care responsibilities 50-50 and then help them train the new pup or kitten. It’s a great way to teach kids love for animal life and also pass time while cooped up at home.

Arts and Crafts: Get messy and artsy with your kids this monsoon. Let your kids explore their creativity unleashed. Buy some cheap paints, recycled paper or use materials from the home. And let your kids create crafting magic. Make a pretty monsoon vista or sketch the rainy streets. Reward your kids by framing their best creations. Who knows you might even end the monsoons with an artist in the making.

Plant Care: Global warming and environmentalism has been on the rise. This monsoon, teach your children the importance of giving back to the earth. Buy a plant or plants for your burgeoning gardeners, allot a plot in your garden or terrace and assign responsibility for planting and watering. Every few months, take progress reports and teach your children about the needs of each plant. The best part of this activity is that it appeal to children of all ages-from 7 year old to older teens. And is an excellent stress buster for mums and dads too.

Fun COVID Safe Monsoon Activities for the Whole Family - Treed Stories

For Partner

Couples Spa: Monsoon can wreck havoc on skin and hair. And is also the time of the year when people fall ill the most. Take out a weekend or week with your partner to decompress from the safety of your home turf. Make a point to avoid all work related activities on these designated days and solely focus on self care. And it doesn’t even have to be anything elaborate. Give each other a foot or back massage and follow it up with a relaxing facial or pedicure. Make some healthy, immunity boosting detoxing meals and practices stress management.

House Makeover: With busy work days, unavoidable errands and urgent responsibilities, creative pursuits can fall by the wayside. Take advantage of the cooler monsoon days to redecorate your apartment or house. Take out a weekend or two to refresh the various rooms, get some deep cleaning done and add some new furnishings. A peaceful, calm living space can have an equally calm effect on the mind. So if not for your house, redecorate for your peace of mind.

Candle Lit Dinner: Nothing says I love you quite like cooking a home cooked meal for your partner. And you can always cook together so no one feels left out too. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Pick up a challenging recipe that you have wanted to try out for a while, get your partner together and figure out how to recreate it at home. At the end, set a pretty table, put on some music, light some candles and enjoy each other’s company over some delicious grub.

Fun COVID Safe Monsoon Activities for the Whole Family - Treed Stories

For Family

Art at Home: Get your parents, siblings or extended family together for a Zoom or in person painting session. To make it even more fun, add a competition element. Rank each other’s artwork and award a small price to the best artist. You can even swap paintings or hold a gift raffle where everyone has to choose a family member to paint for.

Board Games: Board games and monsoons go hand in hand like chai and biscuit. Try old favourites like Monopoly, rummy, scrabble and carom with your fam or challenge each other with a high strategy game like chess, sudoku and Settlers of Catan. You can even revel in some nostalgia for the good old days with the kitty party favourite Housie. The best part is board games are great for both bonding and productivity boosting.

Picnic at Home: Surprise your parents or siblings by organizing a picnic right at home. Create a little corner in your house, terrace or balcony, lay down some old school chatais and floor cushions, maybe some umbrellas or blankets if it’s an open terrace and chilly and get down to have some fun. Make it a potluck affair by getting everyone to bring over a childhood favourite dish and break bread over conversation and laughs.

Fun COVID Safe Monsoon Activities for the Whole Family - Treed Stories

For Friends

Cocktail Evening: Get your friend group together for a fun online cocktail mixing class. You can hire an expert or get one of your friends with serious spirit knowledge to guide you guys. Arrange a pretty platter of cheese, crackers or Indian snacks and gab away while fully socially distanced.

DIY Projects: Get some likeminded buddies over Zoom or in small groups in person and delve into your DIY spirit. Think functional pieces that you can actually display with pride in your home. Some examples to get your inspired-paint a rickety old table or chair, wallpaper an ugly box, paint a wall or corner of the home for some pizzazz, the possibilities are endless.

Charity: Make this monsoon the season of giving back. The rains will undoubtedly make life tougher for the less fortunate, with increased illness and homelessness. Give back by organizing a fundraiser with your best buds. Join together for a good cause, collect money and essentials and contribute to the charity of your choice. You can even volunteer your expertise in teaching an underprivileged child right from home. Or better yet, contribute financially to a child’s future.

Fun COVID Safe Monsoon Activities for the Whole Family - Treed Stories


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