Engraving Ideas for New Year Gifts

New Year 2022 is barely 2 months away. And after the turmoil and chaos of the last 2 years calls for a mega celebration. This New Year, give your loved ones thoughtful gifts that celebrate blessings for the times gone by and hope for the future. With gifting becoming so impersonal, go the extra mile this year by offering custom gifts with personalized engravings. At Treed, we provide a curated range of sustainable and handcrafted wooden watches and accessories. All our wooden watches can be engraved along with the gifting box. And if you are stuck on engraving ideas, check out our list of 30 heartfelt, sweet and funny New Year themed engravings ideas. We’ve got funny greetings, happy greetings and inspiration greetings.

Engraving Ideas for New Year Gifts - Treed Stories

  1. Hope this New Year be the beginning of something special-here’s wishing you only the best.
  2. Hoping and praying for your good health and continued success this New Year.
  3. May this year help you cross new horizons-oh and drink less!
  4. Hope this New Year is the restart button you need to make things happen-I have faith in you!
  5. Pray this New Year brings all your dreams come true
  6. A New Year is like a blank slate-wishing you a year that makes all your dreams and plans come true
  7. The future is unwritten. And the time to start is now. With this New Year, praying that you get the energy and push you need to make things happen.
  8. It’s never, ever too late to start something new, change direction, begin afresh. This Year praying you get the strength and determination to start over with a bang.
  9. On this New Year, promising you my everlasting support. You my friend can always count on me-go make things happen!
  10. At just the moment we feel, we’ve lost it all, victory comes within our reach. Moving into the New Year, don’t forget this fact and keep striving!
  11. Just a simple message for my flakiest friend on this New Year-you may forget birthdays and celebrations, not turn up when needed, cancel plans or pick up your phone on time but I’ve got your back always!
  12. Happy New Year! May this year surprise you with delights at every corner. Wishing you the best of luck and happiness.
  13. Have a sparkling, happy New Year!
  14. Out with the old, in with new, hope this year is tailor made for you! Cheers
  15. So proud of everything you’ve accomplished this year. Can’t wait to see you achieve all your dreams this year too.
  16. Wishing you a year of peace, joy and above all fun. Happiest of New Year to you!
  17. Tomorrow is the first page of a completely blank 365 page book. Hope you write an excellent one,
  18. This year, hoping you find all the happiness you need and desire inside yourself.
  19. This New Year, not wishing you happiness and joy but promising you my support for everything always! You can count on me for good times and bad.
  20. Hope this year you have very few hurdles and setbacks, very many successes and progresses and all the support you ever need. Count in me in for everything.
  21. Wishing you success, happiness but above all health for this New Year 2021.
  22. Wishing you and your family a healthy, happy and peaceful New Year.
  23. This Year, hoping you don’t repeat the mistakes of last year. But if you do, you can always count on me for help. Happy New Year buddy!
  24. Hey bestie, this year wishing you all the food with none of the calories, all the success with none of the work and all the happiness and no sadness whatsoever. Love you and Happy New Year.
  25. You are a truly special and incredible human. And this New Year, wishing you all the success and happiness you deserve.

Treed Believes in Personalized Gifting

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