Bringing the tricolor to live this Independence Day

We have come a long way successfully and are making our country proud each day with new inventions and new developments. India is in its 75th year of Independence and to mark the occasion, the country is embarking on a year-long celebration until 15 August 2022.

However, in the times of Covid-19, the celebrations have to adhere to the existing protocol. Social distancing is a reality that’s going to stay for now. You must be wondering how we should celebrate India’s Independence Day.

One way you can share your feelings for the country is by gifting Treed wooden watches to your senior staff, friends, and family members. The Treed crew can engrave your message on these natural watches to make them personalized gifts. Let patriotic messages bring us closer to each other!

To give you some inspiring ideas for the Independence Day celebrations, here, we have figured out 5 great ways to share the spirit of Independence with fellow citizens.

1. Donate Masks and Food to Needy

In this year of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have seen many struggling to live, many people dying due to insufficient supplies of safety gear and medications. A simple donation of masks to the poor and roadside beggars can make a lot of difference. It will keep them away from the virus and keep the rest of us safe, as you never know who the carrier is.

We know that in India many survive on daily wages, and now they do not have food to eat as they have no jobs. A simple act of donating food items like sugar, rice, dal, wheat flour might last them for a few days and will keep their appetite full and feel a little happy.

Bringing the tricolor to live this Independence Day - Treed Stories

2.  Make Hygiene Your Habit

As they say, Your Family is Your Responsibility. Keeping them away from the virus is also your responsibility. Gone are the times when we never thought of taking a bath once back home from outside. But now it should be a habit as you might be a carrier of the virus. We all should make washing hands our primary habit and should inculcate the same in our children as well. Doctors are doing their job day and night just as the freedom fighters did. We can lend our support to them by making hygiene our habit.

Bringing the tricolor to live this Independence Day - Treed Stories

3.  Gift to Your Loved Ones

Tomorrow is not promised. Let us live today to the fullest, being happy and making others happy by giving them something memorable, durable, sustainable, and useful. We all love personalized gifts. For example, handcrafted treed watches with personal messages engraved on the packaging or the timepiece are a lovely way to reflect your care.

Gifting Treed wooden watches can be the perfect way to spread the spirit of independence. Treed specializes in handcrafted timepieces. It uses rare hardwood varieties to get the finest grains on your timepiece. Treed wooden watches speak of class, style, and fashion. They are perfect for a gift to someone special.

4.  Support Vocal for local

We live in a globalised world and being finicky about the local area is not a great idea. However, we must not discriminate against local products as inferior. We all know how important it is to help our fellow Indians grow so that we all develop as a country. We should start using, appreciating, and promoting Indian products. Each city, each state within India has its specialty and hard-working craftsmen. Let us all promote them, bring their work to an international level, and make them visible to the world by reselling them, promoting, and tagging them on social media.

Bringing the tricolor to live this Independence Day - Treed Stories

5.  Use Technology but with Caution

We have seen immense growth in the field of technology. Now, every one of us has a smartphone, a personal computer or laptop, and a TV at home. This pandemic has forced us to use technology even more. We have online schooling, online conferences, meetings, and much more.

But the immense screen exposure is taking a toll on our health. We might damage our eyesight and we see increasing back problems in the younger generation as well. Hence, we should get some time out for physical activities like Yoga and normal exercise at home to keep ourselves fit and fine.

Final thoughts

Independence Day brings us many memories of how Indians suffered through the centuries. However, now we have the freedom to create our memories in independent India. Treed watches with classic hardwood wood exteriors promise to make some of these memories for you.

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