Best Gifts for the Eco-Friendly Man

Trying to get your man to adopt a more eco-friendly lifestyle? The fact is it can be hard to get on the eco-train in this age of hyper consumerism. The best way to encourage the men in your life is by getting them started with some fun eco-friendly gifts. Check out handy guide for some ideas to get inspired by. We’ve got some options that might actually surprise you and that you won’t find anywhere else. Happy browsing!

Best Gifts for the Eco-Friendly Man - Treed Stories

Eco Friendly Skin Care

There’s this general assumption that men are difficult to buy gifts for. But the fact is there are certain things that every man across age group needs in their life. Skin care is one such thing. Even if the man in your life isn’t into fancy creams or a 7 step skin care routine, he’ll always have a need of quality basics which makes skin care a great place to introduce sustainability in your man’s life. And there are so many options to choose from. Eco friendly skincare includes products with zero waste packaging, reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging, easy growing ingredients that can be easily revived and skincare that isn’t tested on animals. And remember, eco-friendly doesn’t mean not effective-products made from all natural materials and chemical might actually be gentler and better on your skin.

Best Gifts for the Eco-Friendly Man - Treed Stories

Sustainable Clothing

Another go to gift for all genders but especially for hard to buy for boys is clothing. And with the many eco friendly brands available in the market, there is no excuse anymore for not going green. Sustainable clothing has many components. You can buy gifts from a brand that gives back to the environment by supporting environmental causes, donating proceeds from sales or actively advocating for more environmental friendly policies. Another aspect of eco friendly clothing is the fabric itself. Some fabrics are inherently more sustainable than others. For example, contrary to popular belief, cotton is not a sustainable fabric-it uses a large amount of water during production and also harmful pesticides that pollute ground water and soil. Organic cotton is an easy switch if cotton is the only kind of fabric that your man prefers and a great way to teach him about options and alternatives for living more eco friendly. Thinking of gifting a bag or a pair of shoes? Maybe consider options that are not leather or made from animal products. Additionally choose brands that come with sustainable packaging and don’t use plastic.

Best Gifts for the Eco-Friendly Man - Treed Stories

One of a Kind Watches

Yeah, we get it-watches seem like the most boring option in the world. But they don’t have to be. In these times of smartwatches and leather wristbands, gift a stylish wooden watch made of natural materials. Watches made of wood and stone are classic and have a lower carbon footprint as they use less energy to make compared to metal watches. When choosing a brand of wooden watches, look into one that gives back to the environment-maybe one that donates to environmental causes or practices active advocacy. And if you want to go one step further, choose a brand of natural watches that use reclaimed materials.

Eco-Friendly Alcohol

Alcohol can be eco-friendly?! If you are surprised, you are not alone-most people don’t think of the carbon footprint of the spirits they drink. But the fact is like most consumer products, alcohol also carries a environmental footprint. Are you a big rum drinker? If so, you should know that rum which is produced from sugarcane has a larger environmental footprint that alcohol made from grain crops. Interested in buying that expensive, imported brand of whiskey? Think twice as the transportation and imports add up to excessive use of fossil fuels and pollution. A great alternative is to drink local and support home grown national breweries. Not to mention, you can find more unique options when you look at national brands.

Best Gifts for the Eco-Friendly Man - Treed Stories

Sustainable Camping Gear

Got a man in your life who’s already in touch with nature? Taking off camping and hiking to enjoy all the natural wonders the world offers? Why not help him make more sustainable choices with his camping and hiking gear. Help him get started by gifting accessories with a lower carbon footprint. Some options include tents made from eco-friendly fabrics that use less water during production, solar lanterns and cooking stove for a perfect self sufficient weekend outdoors and backpack made from recycled materials, reusable water bottles and reusable garbage bags so you leave your camping site just as pristine as you find it and maybe even cleaner.