Accessories to Level up your Outfit

With the New Year fast approaching, it’s a great time to look at reinventing your fashion choices. After all New Year is truly new me right? Accessories are an easy and relatively affordable way to spruce up an outfit and freshen up your wardrobe. Rather than investing in seasonal outfits that get thrown out when the next trend hits, why not look at buying quality accessories that are truly timeless. And if you need some inspiration to get started, check out our list of fun accessories to level up your outfit. From wooden watches to classic heels, we have something for every kind of fashionista.

Accessories to Level up your Outfit - Treed Stories

Stylish Handbags

Unlike clothing which changes by season and trends, stylish handbags can take you from day to night and summer to winter seamlessly. Our suggestions, instead of spending big bucks on expensive clothes that will go out of style with the years, invest in buying a quality handbag or handbags. In fact, go the extra mile and buy a designer handbag in a classic style that will make even the most basic of outfit look special. Remember to choose a handbag with unobtrusive hardware, minimal prints and discreet logos if you want to wear it for a long time.

Quality Footwear

Got a thrift shopping addiction? We hear you loud and clear-bargain hunting can be addictive and the joy of scoring a stylish pair of flats or heels can be pretty priceless. However, remember cheap footwear is likely also going to be made cheaply, with cheap materials and is more likely to break down. Invest in high quality footwear from a name brand and if you can, consider buying designer heels. Unlike jeans and dresses, your foot size will not change with your weight which is why it’s best to invest in a long lasting piece that stands out. With a little bit of care and maintenance, you can wear your heels for 20 years

Accessories to Level up your Outfit - Treed Stories

Classic Sunglasses

Too tired to wear makeup? Had a long night or jet lagged after a fancy trip abroad? Classic sunglasses will come to your rescue in both cases. Sunglasses instantly upgrade a boring a blah outfit to outstanding and there are options available for every budget. Our suggestion-get sunglasses with UV protection technology so your delicate eyes are protected from the sun. And choose a lightweight pair that is easy to wear and store. Other considerations when choosing sunglasses is the size-while tiny sunglasses may be all the rage, they really don’t provide much function. Instead, buy oversize or wrap around sunglasses that provide full proof protection and also ensure the material is impact proof. Once you have these basics checked out, you can add some style in the form of frames with embellishments, funky prints and unique temple designs.

Accessories to Level up your Outfit - Treed Stories

Timeless Watches

Watches made of natural materials make excellent accessories to level up any outfit. And the best part-wooden watches unlike sporty watches or bejeweled watches look just as great with formal or work wear as they do with casual clothes or even camping gear. Our tip, choose watches made of wood and stone as they are timeless and also unisex. Love sharing accessories and clothes with your partner-get a quality watch that you both can stand out with. Wooden watches age beautifully, develop a natural patina and look completely unique on account of differences in the wood grain. What this means is every wood watch looks completely unique. If you want to go the extra mile, get your wooden watch engraved for a truly bespoke accessory piece

Statement Jewellery

Jewellery is another great investment piece that can instantly amp up an outfit. Especially perfect for minimalism fans who like to dress simply, a piece of statement jewellery like a ring or necklace will instantly make you look more polished. When choosing jewellery, think of longevity over price as jewellery is a long term investment. Our suggestion, buy jewellery that works with all kinds of outfits and from day to night. Some options that we think look great-is delicate necklaces that you can wear under work place formals, over a little black dress and with a kanjeeveram silk saree. Statement rings also work great and are discreet enough to wear for board meetings and to amp up a jeans and white shirt look. And if you are thinking from an heirloom perspective, gold and silver are timeless.