7 Unique Diwali Gifts that people will actually like

Diwali 2021 is fast approaching and unlike the years past, this Diwali is really special. After almost 2 years of pandemic related turmoil, the festive season is truly a time to celebrate and cherish your blessings. As everything is different this year, why not go the extra mile with unique gifts for your loved ones. And don’t worry, if you’ve already done your festive shopping. You can bookmark our list of unique and evergreen Diwali gifts for future festival dates as well. Instead of the boring old mithai, chocolates and gold, our 2021 Diwali list is filled with gifts that will have a long lasting impact on your loved ones life.

Health Food Hamper

This Diwali bring your loved ones the gift of health. After the last two years of health related scares, your family and friends are sure to appreciate a hamper of healthy goodies. Fill the hamper with organic juices, healthy tonics, rejuvenating teas, organic grains and diet snacks. Try to go the extra mile and find unusual healthy items to add in the hamper. Add vitamins and natural herbs, brown rice and fancy grains and even exotic fruits and vegetables.

Air Purifier

Kind of a no brainer gift, we think. Diwali each year brings with it pollution and smoke filled air so what better gift than a product that cleans the air. Give your loved ones the gift of health with a high tech purifier so they can enjoy the festive season and the New Year with healthy, heart friendly air.

7 Unique Diwali Gifts that people will actually like - Treed Stories

Organic Skincare

Much like the air, our bodies and skin take a beating during the festive season. With overeating and drinking in the mix, the festive season is not particularly kind on the face. Gift your loved ones healthy and radiant skin with an organic skincare hamper. Pamper your near and dear with luxury products like creams, face washes, serums and hair oils.

7 Unique Diwali Gifts that people will actually like - Treed Stories

Handcrafted Wooden Timepiece

An elegant handcrafted wooden timepiece is the perfect present for the closest on your list. Not only is a quality watch a universal and unisex gift appealing to all ages, it is also something that will last for a long time. With a beautiful luxury wooden watch, you can be assured, you will be forever remembered by your loved ones. For that extra mile, engrave your wooden watch with a heartfelt person quote, inscription or initial.

7 Unique Diwali Gifts that people will actually like - Treed Stories

Plants and Pots

The last two years have reemphasized the importance of going back to nature. With the world it turmoil, give your loved ones the gift of greenery for a stress free start to the New Year. The best part-greenery and plants are universal gifts that everyone will appreciate. If you want to be extra nice, gift a selection of plants rather than a lone plant. Gift a few different varieties like a small bonsai for their work desk, a hanging creeper for their apartment window, a potted herb plant for the cooking lovers in your life and a big floor pot that will double as a décor piece.

Exercise Kit/Subscription to Fitness Classes

Health is truly wealth. This year bring the concept home with the gift of an exercise kit or subscription to online fitness classes or physical gym. Gift a pack with dumbbells, yoga mat, weighted bands and knee pads to build an at home fitness kit. Alternatively gift them a month long subscription to online fitness classes so they can exercise from the peace of their own homes. Your loved ones are sure to appreciate the gesture and the best part-this gift will make a real tangible difference.

Spa Gift Card

Let’s be real, festivals can be stressful. However fun dancing and partying with your loved ones can be, it is also tiring. Not to mention, after the craziness of a year with pandemic and lockdowns, everyone deserves some pampering. This Diwali, give your loved ones the gift of relaxation with a gift card to their favourite spa or salon. Let them enjoy a pampering session to take the stresses of the season away and prepare for a brand new year.

Treed Cares About Your Happiness

At Treed, we believe happiness is the most important thing in life. Our beautiful, handcrafted wooden timepieces are designed to bring a smile to the wearer’s face. Created from unique natural woods, our sustainable wooden watches make for perfect Diwali gifts. And elegant timepiece is a forever gift-long lasting and timeless. The best part-all our wooden watches are one of a kind. As they are created from all natural materials, no wooden watch look the same. So not only do you get a beautiful present but one that is completely one of a kind.