7 Eco friendly Gifts that Make a Real Difference

Winter is fast approaching. And with winter comes wedding season, parties and holidays galore. This festive season, go the extra mile by gifting your nearest and dearest with some eco friendly gifts. Instead of the boring old chocolates, clothes, mithai and jewellery, buy sustainable gifts that last longer and are better for the earth. Read on for our list of 10 meaningful environment friendly gifts. We’ve got everything from handcrafted wooden watches to house plants, small gifts to big gifts, nature themed gifts and practical keepsakes. Basically, you have a tonne of options to choose from. Happy browsing!

7 Eco friendly Gifts that Make a Real Difference - Treed Stories

Plants for the House

Plants are the best eco friendly gift you can choose to give someone. Not only are they pretty, some plants are also considered lucky. We are talking about Money Plants, Lucky Bamboo, Jade Tree and so on. The best part is it doesn’t even matter if the receiver is a nature lover. Who can resist a bright pop of green in their house right? As for their benefits, research shows that plants help filter the air and even reduce anxiety and stress. If that’s not enough reason to gift the green thumbs in your life with a little potted plant or two, we don’t know what is. When choosing the perfect plant, do think of convenience and ability. If you are gifting to a serial plant killer for instance, consider low maintenance options like succulents which are easy to care for and require limited watering. For the interior design junkie in your group, a hanging plant, propagation kit, creeper or bonsai are ideal options as they are all very much on trend. For the home cook, you gift potted herbs like rosemary, thyme, mint or oregano. Most importantly, be intentional and mindful with your gift and choose an option tailor made to your receiver. Avoid packaging to up the eco friendly factor and you are good to go.

7 Eco friendly Gifts that Make a Real Difference - Treed Stories

Vegan Cookbook & Food Kit

Veganism has been popular for a long time now. And with good reason considering rampant climate change and global warming. Veganism is an animal friendly lifestyle choice that is characterized by eliminating use of animal products of any kind. And this extends to everything- from what one eats to what one wears. Research shows that it’s also one of the best and simplest ways to reduce one’s impact on the planet. If you’ve been a meat eater forever though, it can be hard to make the switch. Help your friend or family member start off on their vegan journey with the gift of a vegan cookbook. Choose a book with easy recipes that can be replicated without much hassle. And if you want to go one step further, add a vegan food kit with meat free alternatives to make their transition easier. Think things like vegan milk like almond and cashew milk, vegan yoghurt, butter, chocolates, cheese and all the other foods which are hard to find alternatives for,

7 Eco friendly Gifts that Make a Real Difference - Treed Stories

Handcrafted Wooden Watches

Gift the nature lover, eco crusader and tree hugger in your life with a handcrafted wooden watch with a personalized engraving. Choose a wooden watch made from sustainable materials and woods for maximum green impact. And get their initials engraved to make it a perfect keepsake. Bespoke wooden watches are a perfect reminder of the woods from which they were crafted. And being handcrafted with natural woods, you can be rest assured that your watch is truly unique and with perfectly, imperfect grains. Since reducing consumerism is the best way to practice an eco friendly lifestyle, a long lasting wooden watch that can even be passed down to generations is an ideal gift.

Donate money to protect national parks or sanctuaries

When it comes to gifts that make a genuine difference, it really doesn’t get any better than this. Instead of giving a gift that will be used for a few years and then thrown away to eventually end up in landfills, donate money in your gift receiver’s name to an charity that protects natural habitats and sacred groves. You will not only be preserving the world for future generations but also helping your friend make a real impact on the world. Some such donations come with a certificate and details to track how your money is being used. Pretty amazing right?

7 Eco friendly Gifts that Make a Real Difference - Treed Stories

Bird Feeder

A bird feeder is the perfect gift for that avid bird watcher in your life. Help your friend protect and preserve threatened species with this practical option. You can find a variety of bird feeders with beautiful designs. You can even choose from different shapes, sizes and colors. This simple gift will act as a perfect spot to leave out food and water and even a safe nesting area. Best part is you can enjoy the gift with them. Join your friend in watching these beautiful flying creatures get some much needed support in harsh urban environements.

Flower Press

Do you remember nature walks? And collecting leaves and flowers to press into your brand new nootbook? Wasn’t that just the most heartwarming activity. Help your nature loving friend relive the nostalgia with a flower press gift. A flower press is also a great gift for kids to teach them more about local flora and fauna. Best part- it’s a great two in one gift as the pressed flowers can be later repurposed as a picture frame. Pretty perfect right. Your friend will enjoy treasuring the beauties of nature for years to come and will thank you each time.

Adopt an Endangered Animal Species

We are getting closer to the end with this perfect gift. A practical option, donate money in your friend’s name to a charity that protects threatened species world over like dolphins or koalas. A great way to your wallet make a difference and also help save needy animals. A soft toy and certificate will act as the perfect keepsake of your donation and a reminder of a good deed done.

The Choices We Make Matter

At Treed, we believe that every action matters. Whether it’s the clothes we wear, the foods we eat, the cars we drive or the actions we take. This festive season, make a pledge to lead a more mindful and meaningful life that gives back to the earth. Live green, act green and gift green. And if you need any inspiration for your next purchase, check our collection of handcrafted, truly unique wooden watches made from woods all over the world. One of a kind and long lasting, our nature centric designs highlight the natural beauty of the world we live in. Best part, every time you buy a watch from India, you help us plant a tree through our partnership with One Tree Planted. Check out the Treed collection to learn more about our sustainable timepieces.