6 Ways to Celebrate New Year the Eco-Friendly Way

New Year 2022 is barely 2 months away. And will hopefully throw some fun surprises everyone’s way. And as for New Year’s eve parties, there’s no better time than now to throw a rocking celebration. After all, the last two years have been stressful to say the least. Our suggestion-do something different this year and throw a sustainable, eco friendly party. Give back to the earth we live in by minimizing waste and reducing your carbon footprint. And we’ve some amazing suggestion to get you started on the eco-friendly party of your dreams.

 6 Ways to Celebrate New Year the Eco-Friendly Way | Treed Stories

Reduce Food Waste

The best part of any party including a New Year party is the food. But with good food also comes a tonne of food waste. While a party without foodie options doesn’t seem like a good time, this New Year, try to bring some restraint in to your preparations. Help reduce food waste by reducing the number of dishes, pre planning by asking guests for their food preferences and cooking food that works as easy leftovers. Another way to contribute to a greener party is donating excess food to a local charity or food bank that serves the hungry and homeless.

Recycle and Reuse

This New Year, don’t be tempted by Instagram and Pinterest celebrations and minimize unnecessary decorations. Not only will you save money, your New Year party will also become ten times more green. Reuse decorations from parties past rather than buying expensive, disposable plastic or paper decorations. Use reusable dishes and cutlery instead of plastic, hang long lasting fairy lights instead of paper streamers or plastic decorations and place tasteful real plants around instead of flowers. In our opinion, an eco friendly party can still be a stylish and attractive affair. In fact using natural materials as decor and eco friendly practices will make your celebration stand out and appear more unique.

Send Digital Invitations

Fancy stationery can be quite irrestible. After all, there are so many options in this insta age. But paper products accelerate cutting of precious trees when there’s such an easy alternative available. This New Year, reduce excessive paper consumption by sending fun digital invitations. Nobody said you can’t get creative digitally. We think you definitely can.

 6 Ways to Celebrate New Year the Eco-Friendly Way | Treed Stories

Responsible Waste Disposal

Let’s be honest, a party however small will create waste of all kinds. And with waste creation comes the question of waste disposal. This New Year, reduce food waste at the outset. Refrain from buying food or materials that aren’t biodegradable or compostable. For example, instead of cans or plastic bottles, buy liquor and non-alcoholic drinks that come in glass bottles. Similarly buy food with limited packaging. And once the party ends, take some time out to segregate waste for responsible disposal. Use biodegradable waste as compost material and reuse whatever you can like bottles, gift wrappers, excess food etc.

Guest Participation

With the revelry and fun of New Year parties, don’t forget about the less fortunate. In lieu of New Year gifts, ask your loves ones to donate to a environmental charity of your choice. Contribute to causes like adoption of threatened species, marine and forest clean up projects etc. You can even make a symbolic pact with friends and family to do more in the New Year.

 6 Ways to Celebrate New Year the Eco-Friendly Way | Treed Stories

Organic Food Menu

This New Year, instead of buying expensive imported food products just to show off, use organic, local produce-vegetables and fruits when creating your menu. Produce that comes from far uses fossil fuel during transport. So that exotic vegetable and avocado starter is actually harming the planet. Using seasonal, local produce is a small and simple way to ensure a more eco-friendly New year celebration. Also favour local communities and charitable organizations for extras. Search for masalas made by women cooperatives, coffee from indigenous farmers etc.

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