5 Gifts that Your Mom will love this Christmas

Holidays are the most fun time of the year and shopping for holidays even more so. With Christmas right around the corner, we’re sure you’re looking for the perfect gift for you and yours. Moms are usually the easiest people to buy gift for but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve perfect, thoughtful, heartfelt gifts. After all, it’s usually moms who we need to be most thankful for as year-end approaches. This year, pamper your mother with gifts that’ll show her exactly how much you care. And for inspiration, check out our list of 5 gifts every mom will love to receive this Christmas.

Coffee or Tea Maker

A coffee or tea maker is the perfect gift for cozy season. It’s a great gift for moms who can’t get enough of their artisanal coffee beans. And also perfect for mothers who like to host frequent tea parties at home. And there are so many options to choose from. If you are looking for something more budget friendly, consider a French Press that looks elegant and also functions great. And if you are looking to go all out, splurge with a free standing coffee machine that will get you café style cappuccino and espresso right at home. Another great way to personalize this gift is by adding a tea cozy, a custom cup and a pack of your mom’s favorite tea or coffee.

Skin Care Hamper

Skin care is one of those gifts that moms across ages are bound to appreciate. And with winter season in full flow, a skin care hamper filled with your mother’s favorite lotions and lip balms will be extra appreciated. The best part of this gift is the endless possibilities of customization. Our suggestion, get a variety of skin care products in small or mini sizes so your mom has a full kit to work with. Some great options to include in the hamper that are also festive season appropriate-candy cane scented lip balm, cinnamon scented body lotion, apple scented body wash and gingerbread perfume. And if you want extra Christmas feels, choose brands that come out with seasonal lines and festive packaging.

Cozy Sweater Set

Have a mother who’s constantly telling you to wear a sweater or you’ll catch a cold? Why not gift your anxious mother a cozy sweater to lounge around in this Christmas season. Gift a sweater set in classic hues that will work great with all her patterned winter scarves, socks and gloves. And if you are feeling extra generous, why not add a winter beanie or cap to complement the whole thing. Alternatively you can add some affordable socks, gloves or even warm house slippers. And if basic is not your mother’s style, go all out and gift a funky sweater set in Christmas patterns and bold hues like red and green. The possibilities are endless.

5 Gifts that Your Mom will love this Christmas - Treed Stories

Engraved Wooden Watches

Moms do so much for us year around that Christmas is a great way to show them exactly how much you care. Watches made of wood and stone are an excellent and timeless gift that you mother can wear year around. Go the extra mile and gift your mother an engraved wood watch. Consider adding her initials to the back of the timepiece or in the packaging. Or even a favorite quote thanking her for all that she does for you. The best part of gifting engraved watches made of natural materials is that you won’t have to do too much guesswork about style. Wooden watches have a natural patina and a delicate style that will look great with all clothing and across ages.

Monogrammed Jewellery

Monogrammed jewellery might seem like too extravagant gift for Christmas. But that’s only if you gift expensive metals like gold or diamond. Semi precious jewellery like a pendant or bracelet can also be personalized with initials, quote, bible verse or Christmas greeting. Silver jewellery is another affordable alternative to gold or platinum. Other options include crystal jewellery or jewellery. And if you want to go the eco-friendly route, why not gift jewellery made from unconventional materials like wood, paper, cloth, pearls synthetic diamonds or antique stones.