11 Weird and Crazy Wood Facts that You’ve Definitely Never Heard Before

We all know wood - that dark, hard material that makes up the tables and chairs in our homes. We also know that paper is made from wood and that trees produce oxygen. But did you know that Essia wood emits a smells of rotten cabbage? Or that wood fiber is used in the production of photographic film, rayon products, and even interior moldings of car doors? Pretty crazy right! But there’s more. Read on as we share 11 crazy wood facts that will blow your mind.
  • Beware of the Ceylon Satinwood. This tropical wood emits fumes that can put you to sleep. Oh and it is absolutely deadly for canaries. And here we thought, woods were designed for burning.
  • Modern auto enthusiasts will be surprised to learn that in 2015, an American engineer Joe Harmon used plywood, Maplewood and MDF to build a an actual wooden supercar. Aptly named the “Splinter”, the car is an astounding 90% wood.
  • Wood is an essential component of the wine making process. Well, wooden barrels that is. Seasoned wooden barrels made from oak are used to ferment wine. Many wineries even use oak wood chips to speed up the aging process leaving a delicious woody and smoky taste behind.
  • In many cultures and religions, a tree carries deep symbolism. In some, it is considered a symbol of life, growth and enlightenment. In others, death. In Buddhism, it is said that it was under a Banyan tree that Buddha attained enlightenment. And old pagan religions associate the yew tree with death and rebirth. This is also one of the reasons why old British graveyards always contain a Yew Tree.
  • Some people claim that by locating a tree or tree near your property in just the right location might reduce your air conditioning requirement by a 30%. Kind of unimaginable but definitely worth trying right.
  • Believe it or not, some trees actually talk to one another. The willow tree when threatened by insects emits a chemical warning that alerts trees in the neighborhood to to secret tanning to put the insects off.
  • We all know that paper is made from wood. And paper is used to draw on. But did you know that wood, like literal wood was the first ever drawing material. Examples of cave art using charred wood dating back 13000 years have been found at Rouffignac in France. Kiln produced from charcoal has also been used by artists over the years as an artistic medium.
  • The world’s most expensive wood is the African Blackwood-from a super rare tree. Mainly used to make woodwind instruments like clarinets and oboes, it is valued at around $25,000 per cubic metre. This super precious tree falls into the endangered species category and is only found in Tanzania and northern Mozambique.
  • This one is truly strange. And don’t ask us why but the Bible mentions 21 wood names, among them acacia wood and cedar wood. Wonder what the context is.
  • Ever wonder why all hill stations and ski resorts have wooden houses and chalets. Well, we have an answer. Apparently, houses built from wood are warmer than those built of cinder block or metal. This is due to the natural insulating properties that wood has which cause it to retain or release heat.
  • Any bathroom singers reading? Turns out, it’s not just the bathroom that has excellent acoustic properties, its wood too. Wood is known to absorb echoes and sounds and is therefore often used for building structures such as concert halls.

All About the Wood

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