11 One of a Kind Gifting Ideas to Countdown to New Year 2021

New Year is just 2 months away. And here at Treed, we think preparation is the key to having a great time. This year, don’t leave your gifting to the last minute. Start now! And if you are tired of boring old New Year gift and need ideas other than clothing or food hampers, we’ve got your back. Check out our list of exciting AND unique New Year Gifting ideas. We’ve got different gifts to cover many different needs-food based gifts, health based gifts, wellness based gifts, travel based gifts and finally sustainable gifts. Hope you find something you like from our curated collection of gifting ideas for 2021. Oh and Happy New Year in advance! Hope the year brings you all your heart’s desires

Pasta Making Kit

A huge part of gifting is thinking of a gift that your loved one may not think of buying for themselves. Your nearest and dearest will appreciate a new year gift that has heart and thought put into it. Our advice-think of your loved one’s interests and hobbies when coming up with a perfect gift. Foodie gifts are almost always welcome. After all, who doesn’t enjoy wining and dining. Our suggestion-a pasta making kit which is a special little gift that’s perfect for the foodies in your life. Help your loved one practice a cherished hobby or discover a new one with a beginner’s pasta making kit. Add a cookbook, pasta maker and ingredients to round off a wholesome hamper that your friends and family are sure to treasure.

Ayurveda Cooking Kit

With Ayurveda slowly attracting millenials and Gen Z alike as a health practice worth pursuing, get ahead of the curve by gifting your loved one a complete Ayurveda kit to get started. Think of the basics and then add a few extras as a welcome surprise. An Ayurveda cookbook is a must and you can always add in essential ingredients and a guide on this ancient Indian practice to complete the kit. It really doesn’t get better than giving your loved ones the gift of healing with food.

Shoulder/Neck/Back Massager

Whether working from home or trudging to work on a lengthy commute, most worker bees suffer from back and shoulder pains. Slouching over desks and burning the midnight oil over a laptop can give your body a beating. Help your loved ones unwind and relieve their body pain with a handy shoulder, neck and back massager. A useful product that will also come in handy if your loved one is a frequent traveller or fitness freak. A massager is a great tool to recharge the body after a lengthy run or marathon prep.

Gym Gift Card

The best kind of gift-everyone from your 50 year old mother to your 20 year old struggling bestie will appreciate a gym subscription. And if Covid poses a threat, gift a subscription to an online fitness class. We think it doesn’t get the better than the gift of good health. And what better to start the New Year.

Tech-y Luggage

Got a frequent flier on your gift list? Give your bestie who is always on the movie a piece of trendy and high tech luggage. Choose from brands that provide in built charger functionality and tonnes of organization. Help your loved one stay connected on the move with luggage that charges their most used travel appliances on the go. With a piece of techy luggage, your loved ones can ensure their mobile never runs out of critical juice and the can work on their laptops without having to search or a vacant airport charging spot. A useful gift that is truly evergreen.

Camping Gear/Kit

We all have that one friend who never stops posting about that crazy trip to Sipti and whose instagram stories are filled with tales of camping, hiking and swimming. A perfect gift for that adventure loving friend is a full proof, all essentials included camping kit. If you are in a splurging mood, add a tent and navigation device. But if not, there are still affordable options like a travel themos, backpack, solar lamps, water purifying tablets etc that make for a perfect travel kit.

Sustainable Wooden Watches

Sustainability is no longer just a buzzword, it is in fact the need of the hour. And why should gifting stay far away. Gift your loved ones a beautiful handcrafted wooden timepiece made from sustainable, reclaimed, all natural materials. Not only is a wooden watch a timeless gift that will come in handy forever, it is also something that appeals across sexes and ages.

Set of Essential Oils

If there’s anything we have all learnt in the year gone by, it’s that stress management is so very important. But knowing it’s important to slow down is quite different from actually doing it. Gift your loved ones a set of relaxing essential oils that will help them unwind after a long day at work. Choose from a collection that serves many different purpose-lavender for its sleeping aid properties, peppermint for energy, rose for improving mood, lemon to aid digestion etc. Aromatherapy is an easy to use health remedy with zero side effects. And best part, essential oils make for great gifts for just about everyone.

Air Purifier

With pollution raging around and news articles upon news articles talking about the effects of polluted air on human health, give your loved ones a gift that will be appreciated for many years to come. An air purifier is a necessary addition to any home and will be appreciated by everyone on your gift list. And will be especially appreciated by your homebody friend who spends most of the time at home.

Compost Kit

Got a friend who talks about sustainability and the environment all day every day. Help that friend out with her new year recycling goals by gifting an easy to use compost kit. A compost kit is the perfect gift for the proud homeowner who wants to dispose off household waste responsibly. Your green lover buddy will definitely appreciate this thoughtful gift. And you’ll be doing something great for the environment as well. Win, win!

Donation in their Name

The fact is even your most eco-conscious loved one suffers from time management. The fact is while all of us would like to something nice for the world, we all don’t have the time to contribute our services. The next best thing is contributing money. Help your loved one reduce a little climate gift by donating money in their name to a charity of their choice. Surprise them by putting in money to symbolically adopt a threatened wildlife species or a piece of pristine forest land that needs protection.

Treed Believes in Gifting With A Difference

At Treed, we believe in gifting with a difference. Our handcrafted wooden timepieces are designed with care and keeping sustainability at the forefront. For every wooden watch purchase from Treed, we plant one tree through our partnership with One Tree Planted. It is just our small effort to contribute towards global reforestation efforts. Our products carry the stamp of the person who handcrafted them with each wooden watch made unique by the woodgrains. And the natural woods used to make our watches are sourced from all over the world. With minimalism and simplicity at the core of our brand, our wooden watches make for timeless gifts.